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technical textiles

We are happy to announce that Fabienne´s
technical textiles art show and event
is taking place at eti.

Please have a look at Fabiennes page http://fbz.io/technicaltextiles/

Veronika Persché http://www.persche.com/
Martin Schneider (bitcraft lab) http://www.k2g2.org/blog:bit.craft
Varvara Guljajeva http://www.knitic.com/ http://www.varvarag.info/
Mar Canet http://www.knitic.com/ http://www.mcanet.info/blog/ @mcanet
Victoria Pawlik http://vlp-designs.de/
Fabienne Serrière http://fabienne.us @fbz

April 11th & 12th : Art Gallery Show
April 13th Day: Talks & Hands-On Workshops by Artists
April 13th Evening: Closing Party & Art Gallery Show

Electronic & Textile Institute Berlin
Koloniestrasse 10,
13357 Berlin/Wedding (Ubhf Osloerstr or Pankstr)


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