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Knitweave Exhibit & Workshops @ http://fbz.io/technicaltextiles/

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Knitweave Exhibit & Introduction to Knitweave and Manipulating Knitting
Knitwear Sale

11-13 April 2013

During the 3 days of Technical textiles I will be exhibiting many of samples, ready to wear pieces for sale in my shop and from my masters diploma “Welcome to Mongolia”.
Feel free to browse and touch (clean hands please!).
I´ll be around most of the time to answer any questions.

Introduction to Adding Random Patterns and Texture to Knitwear     2pm/14Uhr

Short introduction to adding pattern to single coloured yarns during knitting on the brother machine with different threads
and adding texture/faking knitweave mit different threads, fabric, wire and other materials
(also useful for hand knitting)

Please have a look at an example in my shop:

Introduction to Knitweave on Brother Knitting Machine       4pm/16Uhr

Knitweave is a creative way to add texture, thickness/warmth, colour mixes and patterns etc.
During machine knitting an extra thread is woven into the knitwear creating a mix between a knitted and woven fabric (stretchy vertically, non-stretchy horizontally).
Anything pliable and up to a certain thickness can be woven wholly or partially in such as thread, yarn, fabric, wire, recycled materials or non pliable can be added later and makes it interesting when combining electronics with knit/woven wear.

Please have a look at an example in my shop:

After the introductions samples can be made from the materials provided (or bring your own if you like).
Feel free to donate what you like for the materials.
Knitweave samples can be quite time consuming so if you have tasted blood you can also book a workshop at a later time.
I´ll be there to answer any questions.

Knitwear Sale: armbands, loops, tops, cardigans & more
Cash and Paypal accepted.


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