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Pictures from Workshop on 22.06.2013


Pictures from my workshop on sat 22.06.2013

Silly me forgot, that it was fête de la musique weekend and many students cancelled. I dont blame them it was a great sunny weekend.

BUT the brave Paula who came to our technical textiles gallery in April cared not about such activities and learnt a great deal on the knitting machine. And quite a few tips and tricks I learnt over the years.

Above you can see our knitting machines in our lovely studio shop etib in Wedding Berlin and Paula knitting with her hurt foot (Hope it´s better now!).


Knitting in progress.

Basics: Elastic cast on, elastic cast off, hollow seam cast on, hollow seam cast off.

Stitches: tuck stitch pattern, skip stitch pattern


Here you see we are using a brother kh 820 punchcard machine and a basic punchcard that usually comes with the machine.


Taking notes knitters style


Ribbing on a single bed (yes it´s time consuming but hey you never know when it comes in handy).


Ribbing up close


We went a little crazy on this one.

It started out as single bed tube knitting using the part button and ended as total experiment. I got some ideas how to use this for a beautiful insane piece that still has to happen though.


Experimenting like this helps you understand the functions on the carriage and the whole machine knitting principle. What happens it you press this, but not that?  If you push these needles forward? Oops, a loop fell off the needle, how do I repair it? Or is it ok like this? etc etc

So we had a fun (& sun) filled 5 hours.

Who´s next?  Want to try something new? You already have an idea?

Great! Contact me via etib!

Here is something Paula likes doing. Isn´t it fabulous?



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