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Welcome Visitor Christianna!

Christianna came to visit us on the 29th June to chat about knitting machines.

She is a textile designer from usa and currently works for a big sportswear company (we´re not telling any names!) that make knitted shoes (hint, hint!).

She is currently training how to program Stoll industrial knitting machines and has extensive knowledge of Shima Seiki machines.

Here is some of her great work:

Christianna Wincek


Admiring my smallest knitting machine.


Mate Cozy!


The experts talking dirty business! aka Fachsimpeln in german!

Come again and stay longer.

Live long and be creative!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Visitor Christianna!

  1. Firstly i wanna thank you for your great issues .if you dont mind i wanna contact with Christianna..i have anew idea in textile machines field …she may help me ..

    Thank you again

    Posted by Ahmed | 2. May 2016, 08:30

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