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Eurucamp @ ETIB 14.08.2013


Eurucamp 2013 is an event centering around ruby programimng and offered it´s members an excursion to ETIB to see what you can also do when you hack old machines.


We were very pleased with their huge interest and Fabienne gave them the whole tour of knitting machines and hacking them. Unfortunately the cable broke and she couldn´t demonstrate any further knitting. Everyone took it well though and we made up to it by showing off all our knitting machines and giving tips for purchasing one.

Thanks for coming and please come again!


Intro and history of brother knitting machine hacking.


Fabienne´s hat as example of non repeating patterns.


As you can see the famous mate cozies are there as well!


Fabienne demonstrating on her brother kh 930.


The module for communication between computer and knitting machine along with one of the first pieces Fabienne made in cooperation with Travis Goodspeed during an art event mediamatic dev camp 2010 : multithreaded banjo dinosaur knitting adventure .


The left machine is a kh 820 with punchcard with which I knitted the knitwear on the mannequins in the middle and on the left.  I joked about being able to code but only in punchcards…


First rows on the knitting machine.


Yes, the petting zoo samples can actually be touched!


The module in closeup.


Fabienne showing the underside of the brother knitting carriage and how preselection works.


And painting the future of the Brother CK 35 knitting machine in our hands (when I have finally cleaned and oiled the beast).

And our curious little pixie Malina came to visit (demanding to knit something on the machine).  She is a quick learner and showed me how to cast on after watching me only twice before. I see a bright knitting future ahead of her!


As always trying things on and posing…and of course being being very sweet at it!


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