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Welcome Visitor Brigitte!

On tuesday Brigitte and her partner visited us to talk about knitting machines.

She is from New York and owns many knitting machines and a gazillion print media on knitting.

Her knowledge and experience with knitting mahcines was dizzying and we talked more than 2 hours straight (making me forget to take pictures!).  I can´t really repeat what we were talking about (as it was so much) but I am sure that I will mention them in later blogposts to you.

She told me about the big differences between the different models and manufacturers and how the brother punchcard machines are being produced by chinese companies, developing ways to transform punchcard machines into computer machines as the build of the brother machines is basically the same.  That´s great to hear and also makes finding parts easier.

Actually she is the one who publishes all manuals as pdfs for free download!


Knitting Machines Etc

I was going to contribute several manuals especially the ck 35 as it would have been immensely helpful while researching it prior to purchase.

So all of you out there:

If you have manuals, magazines, books etc that are not on the website for downloading —- please, please, please —— contribute them as pdfs directly to the website or donate them to either Brigitte directly or to me (depending on which side of the earth you reside).

Thank you in advance.

This kind of service is so helpful for us machine knitters!

It will offer new ways to work on knitting machines.


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