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September Collection: Calvin Stalvig Knitwear Exhibit 27./28.09.2013


Calvin will be exhibiting his work on his september collection for which he started his kickstarter campaign and worked very hard here at ETIB.

After surviving a few mishpaps (two of my machines broke down and Calvin continued on my brother kh 820) and intense learning I like to think of it as his graduation show!

Expect very yummy scarves, samples and blankets on display.

And Calvin in person!

Yes, you can touch the knitwear and order from Calvin!


Fr, 27.09.13 – 4 to 8pm

Sa, 28.09.13 – 4 to 9 pm

Address: ETIB, Koloniestr. 10. 13357 Berlin, Wedding, U-8/U-9 Osloerstr.


Afterparty/Finissage/Farewellparty at:

Oh! Calcutta, Koloniestr. 9, 13357 Berlin (Yes that´s right next door to us!)

Live musik will be by Christine Hoberg (a close friend fo Calvin´s: YAY for being in Berlin and sharing your talent)

Lightshow and performance by the delightful neighboorhood heroes of KOPFFARBEN  (YAY, for supporting Calvin and Oh!Calcutta)

YAY, hope to see you there!

Scroll down for yummy knitted teasers!





and Calvin himself with his scarf



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