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Experts Summit: Knitting Machines, Hackers, Designers

Yes, the great maesters of machine knitting and hacking have met spontaneously (ok, newbies and designers also!). Surprisingly we all are in Berlin at the same time and got to meet each other (after having read so much about each others work on the web). Kanno So    Created software for the Glitchknit project Hannah … Continue reading

Artist in Residence: Welcome Asuka!

Welcom Asuka! Asuka is new to ETIB and just started her residency.  She is from Japan, actually Nagoya which used to have a Brother knitting machine factory!  She took knitting machine courses in Brighton and has a great collection of samples. When she came to germany she first worked as au-pair in southern germany and … Continue reading

Welcome Visitor Winston!

Winston came to visit us on the 14th october after having contacted us about learning to knit and and specifically to learn about machine knitting and it´s limitations. He is actually a painter, look here Winston Chmielinski and is now in Berlin to make a costumes for a perfomative art piece for a dancer. Hopefully … Continue reading

Welcome Visitor Kristine!

A week ago Kristine contacted me in search of novelty yarns. She cam from New York to Berlin, so we met up and talked while she had a look at my sale yarns. Kristine studied at Parsons,  is a freelance knitwear sample designer for Nike and has a kh 910 and a kh 970 Brother … Continue reading

YAY! Yarn Sponsoring by Schoeller Wool

We are being sponsored by Schoeller Wool for our next exhibition with two big boxes of wool yarns. In 2009 I entered a competition that was also sponsored by Schoeller Wool and I made the Mermaid dress: If you want to see more of these, please look at my blog vlp designs . Enjoy!

Christine Hoberg & Kopffarben @ Oh!Calcutta After Party 28.09.2013

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what a party! After the calvin´s exhibition we went to Oh!Calcutta There aren´t any words that can express properly the magical delicate interplay between Christine Hoberg  and Kopffarben … you had to be there! So no blabbing, here are the pics: It´s amazing how different we preceive things in comparison to the camera eye. … Continue reading

Calvin Stalvig Knitwear Exhibit 27./28.09.2013

Impressions of the Calvin Stalvig Exhibit @ ETIB Details Impressions at night   …and the artist! Having fun And the obligatory knit bombing…being examined by the neighbourhood kids… …the kids either want to cuddle with the pole or take off the stocking. Dont know why, it´s driving me crazy!