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Experts Summit: Knitting Machines, Hackers, Designers

Yes, the great maesters of machine knitting and hacking have met spontaneously (ok, newbies and designers also!).

Surprisingly we all are in Berlin at the same time and got to meet each other (after having read so much about each others work on the web).

Kanno So    Created software for the Glitchknit project

Hannah Perner-Wilson    Combines electronics and textiles, moved into her new studio at FabLab Berlin

Fabienne Serriere    Knitting machine hacker, mathematician, antenna project maker, gardener and much more

Asuka Miyata   knitting machine enthusiast, learning to hack and code brother knitting machine

Victoria Pawlik Designer & Manager of ETIB & owner of many knitting machines

Joon Lee Seoung  Mens Knitwear Designer

We all showed samples our our work and made a tour of our machines.

knit summit 6

So showing us his glitch programme

knit summit 1

Fabienne showing samples made with the brother garter carriage

knit summit 2

So and Hannah talking about Fabiennes brother kh 930

knit summit 3

Asuka playing with the musical knitted ball with conductive thread (it emits different

tones and is filled with a balloon!)

knit summit 4

A cone of conductive thread with inox and the conductive ball Hannah made

knit summit 5

So looking at Fabiennes knitted hat (yes that is an ordinary ladder in the background…)

It was so great to meet them at last and we covered a wide range of subjects and interests (I mean space travel definately has a need for etextiles…), maybe even obscure art projects like covering a buildung in knit with people acting as needles or the widest scarf knitted on my machines (new world record…is there even an old one for that?).

I hope we´ll work together in future and have many more enjoyable meetups!


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