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Brother CK 35 is … Go!

It seems like forever that I bought a used ck 35 and had it delivered to etib in summer. After having unpacked it I was dismayed at the state of it and wanted to clean it top to bottom. What a task! But it´s all worth it when you switch it on and this happens: … Continue reading

Earth Shaking Machines at ETIBs Door…

Or was it Howls Moving Castle…. One evening when I came to etib I saw the whole street lined with plastic fences (playmobil anyone…) and several workers standing around. After working inside for a while a terrible earth shaking machine like sound could be heard and it was so hard to concentrate. So I went … Continue reading

Birthday Knit Grafitti

Yes, I finally did it and overcame my fear of heights with the help of Winston. It was a small present for Natalie my friend who owns the bar oh!calcutta next door.  I used acryclic hand knit yarn and added different kinds of lurex for each stripe from gold, to green, to red, to blue. … Continue reading

Machine Knitting Crash Course with Winston

Hurray, Winston took the machine knitting crash course and had a lot of fun even though one of the yarns proved to be difficult to use (unparaffinated cotton: DO NOT USE!) Joon was there as well and it was like a perfect knitting studio for several knitters. And it ended in giggles and cries of … Continue reading