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Red Nose Samurai Santa Christmas Market & Party @ Oh!Calcutta 14./15.12.2013

The Red Nose Samurai Santa Christmas Market & Party were held on the 14th and 15th dec at the bar Oh!Calcutta and went deep into the night. It was a wonderful 2 days where handmade things were sold, handmade animation Hoji Tsuchiya was shown and handmade music Chikara Aoshima was played! And also a handmade … Continue reading

Asuka´s Exhibition & Performance 13./14.12.2013

Asuka´s exhbition which is also her “graduation” from ETIB was a great success and followed by a performance in a costume especially designed for that evening Here are some pics For the more pics by Asuka please look at her blog And here from the performance Asuka´s speech (look at her shoe laces! Knitted on … Continue reading

The CK 35: What I have learned so far…

The Brother CK 35: Understanding how it works My efforts to understand and use the machine without reading the instructions back to front and after having taken the machine apart piece for piece, cleaning it and putting it back together, see previous post. Memory & Storage The CK 35 is quite different from the previous … Continue reading

Asuka Miyata´s Exhibit @ ETIB & Christmas Market @ Oh! Calcutta

Asuka Miyata´s Exhibtion and Christmas Market & Party at Oh!Calcutta Hurray, Asuka is presenting her winter collection at the end of her residency at ETIB  on the 13th fri & 14th sat Dec before she flies back to Japan to study. Here´s her invitation in her own words: Welcome! My name is Asuka Miyata and … Continue reading

Our Visit @ Design Research Lab

Asuka and I had a chance to visit Hannah who came to visit us a few weeks ago (more here) at her studio/place at the Design Research Lab Berlin which is situated in the UdK (Uiversity of Arts Berlin) and funded by Telekom. We got to meet Katharina who made the knitalaram cardigan, Sara and … Continue reading