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Our Visit @ Design Research Lab

Asuka and I had a chance to visit Hannah who came to visit us a few weeks ago (more here) at her studio/place at the Design Research Lab Berlin which is situated in the UdK (Uiversity of Arts Berlin) and funded by Telekom.

We got to meet Katharina who made the knitalaram cardigan, Sara and Ursula who also work there.

They are making some cool research stuff into soft circuits see pics below and prototypes please see:


Knitalarm (very cool cardigan with built-in alarm)

E-textile Projects

Knit Speaker

Below are pics from their portfolio (the mouse like thing is in fact a battery). Touch, slide, tap, fold sensors and more. Crazy stuff!

I was so excited that I forgot to take pics from the studio as a whole…but I can tell you they have a brother punchcard knitting machine and a silver reed sk 830.


Asuka had brought some of here work that she was completing at ETIB and a santa for her nephews that lights up!

It was so nice to be there and we are all really into soft circuits and knitting that it is a really good idea to make an exhibition and hold workshops.

So sit tight, we´ll keep you posted for more!


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