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Asuka´s Exhibition & Performance 13./14.12.2013

Asuka´s exhbition which is also her “graduation” from ETIB was a great success and followed by a performance in a costume especially designed for that evening

Here are some pics


For the more pics by Asuka please look at her blog

And here from the performance

Image Asuka´s speech (look at her shoe laces! Knitted on her machine)

ImageImageImageImageImage ImageImage In the dark she placed a troch under the dress and shone the lace pattern on the wall.  My favourite part!

And then the costume was in two and the spotlight thrwe the shadow of the knitting machine on the wall…



I know you will be thinking: why are the pictures so blury and dark. Even at iso 1600 it´s not easy to catch moving objects in the dark sharply but these are not meant to be press fotos (it looks much lighter than it actually was!).

They capture the moment and movement and I want to give you an impression of the performance.  Everytime you look at the pictures you will find more to see!

So Asuka bid farewll on the 15th returning that day to Japan. Best of luck for your future endeauvers!


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