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Expert Summit: January Guests


`Twas cold and snowy on the 31st of January but many braved the elements to come to our expert summit!

It was great to get together with new people and share experiences. Unfortunately Nukemes flight got delayed (Schnief!) and he didn´t manage to come.  But hey that happens in this kind of weather.

We´re so happy that Steff, Bine and Betty from Raumfahrtagentur made it to us. They are the textile team (& gardening) there which is downriver at Stattbad Wedding.

Jeff who designs glitch knitwear came and showed two sample blankets with grading in 3 and 4 shades.  The blankets are amazing, so soft and fine! His page glitchaus is really worth a look!

So Kanno and Fabienne my favourite resident hackers of course who are currently hacking the KH 930 and CK 35 with the knitic hack.

Takahiro Yamaguchi (his page )a friend of So s who is currently working in a makerspace hangar in spain and a few curious neighbours who wanted to learn machine knitting. Takahiro told us about a home built knitting machine, check it out!  It´s maker Gerard also does some naughty knit guerilla action!

So great to speak to them all at once!  Hopefully some will be joining us at our workshop week in april or even as artists in residence!


Jeff´s expert blankets

EXS 1 EXS 10

Yeah baby, it´s cold outside!


Yarns samples and a close look at Fabiennes seashell design scarf


So showing off the ck 35 and the knitic hack to Jeff and Takahiro.

We all went to have a drink at Oh! Calcutta and kept talking.  It was so nice to host for so interesting people.

If you are interested in coming to ETIB or want to host a talk/meet yourself, we´d be happy to meet you: smile(at)etib.org


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