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Our Super Secret Weapon: So Kanno


Our super secret weapon So Kanno and the deep mysteries of the ck 35.

That sounds about right.

It´s been a while since So Kanno joined Etib to hack the knitting machines but I can no longer keep it secret!

He is very well known for the senseless drawing bot and for the glitch project/haking the brother kh 970.

He is working on the brother ck 35 knitting machine hack and ironing out the bugs.  There is a lot of swearing going on in japanese….but it still sounds very polite.

Since there was a problem with the pattern control on one of the ck 35s (after fixing the position of the control pins, there still was a problem with every 12th needle), I had to take apart another to check and this one worked (hint, hint, yes I have more than one…)

There is definitely progress going on and So actually made music (of sorts) with the colour changer…



So has been documenting his progress and will share it with you soon.

For more info please visit his page or just google him!

So Kanno


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