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When you take a brother ck 35 apart…

…or two this is what it looks like.

(Or porn for reverse engineering hackers…)

feb  here be working…

feb5  left motor & colour changer; right needle bed

feb4  another needle bed with colour changer shells

feb3  knitting carriage and tools

feb2  tools and naked motor

feb6  the knitic hack

ck11  pattern control motor

ck10 left sensor needle bed

ck9 middle sensor needle bed

ck8  right sensor needle bed

ck6  bottom side of pin mechanism of pattern control

ck5pattern control cover for the pins

ck4 knitic hack assembled  side

ck3  bottom

ck2 top

ck1  conntected to needle bed

feb7  colour changers top and bottom


13 thoughts on “When you take a brother ck 35 apart…

  1. Hello, I have a Brother knitting machine ck35 for a long time. I have bought a used one, with idea
    to experiment with colours, becouse I love handknitting. But I don`t have a ppd 35.
    So I bought although an older Brother machine 894 and a nice lady from another town gave me
    some lessons. Now I began to clean my CK35, but not so brilliant as you did. I like your idea of the net
    of CK35 owners, because we would certainly have I lot of questions (some of us) and it is beautiful to read
    about the experiences with this machine. Maybe I will make one day a computerknitted pattern on my machine.
    Thank you for you efforts and wish you a nice week(end)

    Nina from Ljubljana, Slovenija

    Posted by Nina Šuštaršič Remic | 11. March 2014, 22:01
  2. Hello! I have CK35 without ppd35 as well! ))) Any news, guys?

    Posted by Iza | 18. June 2014, 23:21
    • We have hacked the machine and its possible to transfer patterns via the computer but as yet no integrated use of the motor and colour changer.
      But exciting news is on it´s way, so watch this blog!

      Posted by vlpdesigns | 24. June 2014, 11:23
      • I have not a ppd35, but I have a cartrige. Can you please find out if I can buy a ppd 110 or ppd 120 to use it instead of ppd 35 for ck35?
        Thank you for your answer.
        With best regards Nina

        Posted by Nina | 15. August 2014, 09:34
      • Sorry, you can´t use anything else than the ppd35 for the ck 35. They´re totally different systems.
        I would recommend changing to the ayab hack with the free software. That way you can programm your machine with your computer.

        Posted by vlpdesigns | 15. August 2014, 09:38
  3. Thank you very much for your answer. I have just read about great team AYAB. I am not so young and I have two left hands, so I hope that I will find out how to order and put the hardware together – computter connection with the knitting machine. Is it possible to make a short film or phototocomic with explanation about that and show it on your webside or on youtube? I am only interested to transfer patterns via the computer, I dont use motor or colour changer. I move the parts on machine by hand…

    With best regards


    Posted by Nina | 17. August 2014, 23:33
  4. I have just found AYAB tutorial 1 on Vimeo, it is super, but it is only for Brother 910 and 930. I will wait for next video.
    Thank you very much.
    With best regards

    Posted by Nina | 18. August 2014, 00:17
  5. HI I have just purchased a ck 35 and we seem to be going around in circles trying to make sense of the instructions, is there a facebook group dedicated to this machine if so that would be a great help
    regards anne

    Posted by Anne Carrigg | 21. September 2014, 06:45
  6. Hellou!My name is Ursula and near 1month ago I have brother CK 35 knitting machine.Sorry for my bad english but I need for help to renew machine.Is there one who understand some about CK35 main computer?The problem is that machine was knitting and after some times “owerload” and broken needles, stay “stop”.I tested all wires and detectors- all is good.I change motor ,after yarn changer and at least main computer board from other working machine. Only after computer changing machine start operating.I think that reason of unworking is in main computer board-the motor “not hear/see- not conecting” the main computer.
    Is here make some – is it possible to change some details in computer or is it nesessery to change all main computer board?
    I hope to the answer from anywear!Please write me to email knitwear@inbox.lv
    With bests regards

    Posted by ursula58 | 11. January 2016, 17:33

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