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Knit/Hack/Craft 31.03. – 05.04.2014 Exhibition, Talks, Workshops

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ETIB is ready for a new event and following up on last years event we are extending to a whole week of workshops, talks and exhibition!

Knit/Hack/Craft @ ETIBerlin 31.03.-05.04.2014

Knit – we are hardcore

Hack – aquire knowledge and use to our advantage

Craft – useful skills for our creative use

We will be offering workshops:

Reverse Engineering with Steve Conklin

Crochet with recycled textiles with Patricia Ricci

Knit Grafitti with fbz

Algorithm software for creating patterns with fbz

Make LED Throwies with Grafitti Research Lab Berlin


…and more coming up!

Talks with

Varvara & Mar/Knitic 


So Kanno

Verena Kuni/Stricken&Häkeln für Geeks


Veronika Persché

…and more videos about artists who are there in spirit!


Neuroknits by Varvara, Mar & Sebastian Maella

Sonic Fabric

Crochet by Daina Taimina


VLP Designs


botanica mathematica

…and more experts will be dropping by!

And we look forward to seeing you there!

Electronic & Textile Institute Berlin

Koloniestr. 10

13357 Berlin




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