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Workshop: Patternmaking with Inkscape -Susan Spencer @ K/H/C 31.03.14



Workshop Pattern Making with Inkscape

Date: 31.03.2014

Time: 6-9pm, Garden Room

Host: Susan Spencer, Tau Meta Tau

Program: Inkscape, free download

Free, please RSVP to let us know you are coming!

Donations happily accepted.

Bring your laptop!



Most flat-pattern methods do not generate a pattern which fits a real person . These methods rely on pre-defined body proportions to create garment patterns.  Body proportions do not work well when applied to multiple ethnicities.  Body proportions are generated from averages of measurements, and do not generate a good fit even within the population where the measurements were derived.

This patternmaking workshop teaches how to make a bodice foundation patternwith long sleeves which fits custom measurements very precisely.

Items covered by the workshop:

1. Taking the right set of body measurements to get a custom fit

2. Translating manual methods of patternmaking into python formulas

3. Writing python code to produce an SVG file of the bodice pattern

Inkscape’s extension system will be used to gather body measurement input, run the python code, and display the SVG file.

About Susan Spencer

I’ve been working on an open source solution for patternmaking for several years.

In a former life I was a computer network analyst.



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