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Friday Talks & Workshops: Open Source Embroidery and Algorithmic Knitting 04.04.14


Friday Talk & Workshop with bitcraftlab, fbz & Sam Meech

Date: 04.05.14

Free, the more the merrier!

Please make donations towards materials.


3pm – Embroidery and Introduction to computergenerated Pattern with bitcraftlab / Handsticken und Einführung in computergenerierte Muster mit bitcraftlab  INFO

4pm – Introduction to EmbroiderModder/ Einführung ins Stickprogramm EmbroiderModder

5pm – Talk via Skype with EmbroiderModder Jonathan Greig / Talk mit Jonathan Greig via Skype

6pm – Video & Talk with Sam Meech INFO

6.45pm – Software Algorithms for Knitting Patterns with fbz / Software Algorithmen für Strickmuster mit fbz  INFO






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