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Hack Project: Prof Goutrié & Students @ ETIB 08.05.2014

Professor Christina Goutrié from Art School of Weißensee Berlin teaches a foundation course in digtial media and came to visit ETIB with her students and brought their Brother KH 900 with them on the 08th of May.  15 Students, 2 teachers, 1 product designer, So Kanno, me and all the knitting machines: Full House! The front room was packed with people and enthusiasm.

Christina is currently teaching a course where she has students from all areas including the fashion department and department of textile and surface Design and wants them to work on their own processing driven knitting machine.  They also brought Mrs Hielscher a teacher from the fasion departement who turned out to be one of my teachers from way long back private fashion school (that I left after 6 months). Such a nice suprise!

And guess what! The KH 900 fits perfectly with the knitic hack!!! The “plugs” have 2.54 pitch same as the ck 35 compared to the 930/940 wo have 2.0 pitch.  It´s built like the 930/940 with a small memory capacity and buttons (no scanner like 910/950).

kh 900 KH 900 control panel

On the 23rd they´ll be having a presentation at Weißensee and I am very curious what they made. I also look forward to having some of the students possibly working at ETIB and decorating the windows with their projects.

GoutrieGoutrie1#  Goutrie3Goutrie4Goutrie2

Goutrie6 Goutrie8


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