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ETIB @ Art College Weißensee 23.05.14

Prof Goutrié and her students visited ETIB on the 8th of May to test their KH 900 with the knitic hack which worked great. So Kanno and I then went to visit the presentation of their work with processing and other programs but unfortunately they hadn´t managed to make their hack work on the the … Continue reading

Trafo Pop @ K/H/C 14: Fotos & Video #khc14 @TrafoPop

How to found a gang…a good gang on bicycles! Facing the same problems as most cyclers one needs to be seen in the dark and it has to be cool too! So have a look at trafo pop´s solution!

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Nukeme #khc14

K/H/C 14 What you missed! The Video! #khc14

and here´s the video of the knit/hack/craft event filmed by Antonia Meißner and myself. Enjoy! Due to german gema stupidity the video on youtube is blocked for germans so we put it up on vimeo as well.

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Victoria Pawlik/VLP #khc14

  Hand embroidery & appliqué on patchwork pieces, unfinished. Once I ran out of red patterned fabric I started embroidering the triangles by hand and I really like to do this in autumn, so it´s taken me a “few” years and will continue to … Inspiration is from the original paisley patterned fabric that I … Continue reading

Congratulations Jessie English!

After visting Etib in January Jessie went back to New York to finish her studies at the Pratt Institute School of Art and Design and she did an internship at the Stoll Fashion and Technology Center New York. Congratulations to your graduation! Soon she will be back in Berlin and coming to Etib as Artist … Continue reading

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Jeff Donaldson/Glitchaus #khc14

What So Kanno does…

…when he´s not busy hacking the brother ck 35, is touring the world with his other projects like: The Senseless Drawing Bot He flew over to Boston to exhibit at HOW Design Live: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/74927/149480/?& And in Moscow at the Balrobotov: http://balrobotov.ru/eng/ More from So Kanno here http://kanno.so/senseless-drawing-bot/ Robots rule!  

Software Algorhythms by fbz @ K/H/C 14: Fotos Video #khc14

   AND the VIDEO!

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: fbz #khc14

fbz exhibits 2 signature scarves (middle & right) both knitted on the kh 930