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ETIB @ Art College Weißensee 23.05.14

Prof Goutrié and her students visited ETIB on the 8th of May to test their KH 900 with the knitic hack which worked great.

So Kanno and I then went to visit the presentation of their work with processing and other programs but unfortunately they hadn´t managed to make their hack work on the the KH 900.  But the results of their projects were awesome and I made pictures.

Many students used visuals to create sound and viceversa and making it touchable and made some incredible stuff.

IMG_2005IMG_1999IMG_2003 IMG_2002IMG_2001 IMG_2000

Painting on paper and interpreted as sound, dark is a deep sound and light a high one. Later he took a cam shot which work also really well.


The KH 900 Team


Using a microphone to record surrounding noise and changing the visual.


class monkey!


Spirals visualizing sound.


Knit, reknit. Scan a lace pattern sweater, then interpret it through processing and reknit as two colour, then rescan, knit as tuck stitch etc.


Knit your hood: Type in your hometown, the map builds up and then you can knit it!

IMG_2032IMG_2037IMG_2038 IMG_2042

Visualizing clusters that react like organisms eg bacteria that collect around the human shape.  You stand in front of the camera and the bacteria collect around your shape.


Development of an app for dining together and advertizing through a film about it. (This didn´t have anything to do about processing, but showed a film technique and an app development)


Using processing to visualize musik with shapes creating more and more complicated patterns.  (My camera picked up these lovely colours but the screen itself was blank)

IMG_2052IMG_2055IMG_2054IMG_2067IMG_2065IMG_2063  IMG_2061

Visualizing sound using lines and colour in a vector environment that layer on top of each other the more intense the music gets.

IMG_2080IMG_2070 IMG_2072IMG_2073IMG_2075IMG_2074IMG_2078IMG_2077 IMG_2079

Using simple line passing through an environment to depict sound (the sqeaky kind).


IMG_2086IMG_2085IMG_2084 IMG_2083

Creating patterns through an algorythms that´s started and stopped by a mouse click. The question the student was going after was: Is the use of such a program creative? He came to the conclusion that it is because it still takes a human to start and stop it at a moment when the human thinks it is done.


Using two sensors one for deeper sounds and one for higher sounds to create noise that visualizes as a changing geometric shape.

IMG_2094IMG_2099  IMG_2102IMG_2095IMG_2101IMG_2098 IMG_2097

Using a cnc to visualize music in lines and depth (it was a Rammstein song…)

IMG_2105 IMG_2108

Using a seismographic map of the world to transfer the frequency of earhtquakes onto a block thorugh the cnc.


Inspired by Duchamps Rotorelief, Different combinations of circles on different axis (the whole thing was spinning which made us quite dizzy) and my favourite using the moon passing through the picture. She used quite a lot of different themes like filming cars driving along the autobahn and spinning it and also pictures of people etc


The moon


I hope the students manage to finish their knitting project till open days at the art college Weißensee and I offered studio time to them in the semester holidays to continue their work. So I ´ll be curious what they´ll come up with.

Good Luck!



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