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Student Projects @ ETIB

The students from Weißensee Art School came to visit Etib to test out our hack on their kH 900 brother knitting machine which worked fine. Their course was focused on the program called processing that lets you do all kinds of things see here and use a hack to transfer patterns to knitting machines!

Here we used So Kanno´s Image Converter to transfer the images to the machine. It´s great because you can adjust the pixelation by changing the threshold ratio.  We are in need of new knitting machine needles, as the screw up the pattern and drop stitches, but they all took it in good grace and some actually liked the glitchiness of it.

Etib is sponsoring 6 Students studio time so they are able to finish their semester projects in time for Open Days and for the semester holidays to deepen their understanding of machine knitting and playing out their projects on a whole new level.

Some will participate in the “Weddinger Wundertüte” (=Bag of Wonders) where more than 30 people living and working in Wedding will show some of their work and make a bag of wonders full of goodies.  I hope they will be able to exhibit their projects and reach a wider audience and get some valuable feedback. And I am confident they will also show their projects in upcoming events in october.

Hannah´s Project:




Shelley & Juri´s Project:



Saskia´s Project:


ssk2 ssk1









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