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Congratulations Mägi

Mägi is a student at weissensee art school and graduated with her etextile project. Congratualtions on graduating! She did extensive research in how to knit with conducting threads and created a lamp with stretch sensors.  When the knitted part was stretched the lamp glowed. I hope to see more exciting research by Mägi in the … Continue reading

Open Day @ Art School Weissensee Berlin

Open Day on the 19th of July at Art School Weissensee Berlin was pretty awesome. There were many great projects and I was particularly intrigued with the elab which is run by Mika Satomi. Here a student project with colour changing ink, a hair dryer was used to change the colour.     Bendable sensors … Continue reading

ETIB @ Makercamp: Impressions

Makercamp is an event taking place for the full month of august in berlin where people can meet to learn new skills and work on projects togeter.  It´s a great opportunity to get to know people.  Jessie and I joined the makercamp opening and party and taught basic machine knitting. We´ll be there the next … Continue reading

AYAB Brother Knitting Machine Hack

AYAB – All Yarns Are Beautiful Chris and Andz the AYAB team have developed a knitting machine hack for the brother range and published it quite a while ago as open source and open hardware. Since then they have crazy feedback from people with two left hands who can´t solder the pieces together themselves so … Continue reading