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AYAB Brother Knitting Machine Hack


AYAB – All Yarns Are Beautiful

Chris and Andz the AYAB team have developed a knitting machine hack for the brother range and published it quite a while ago as open source and open hardware.

Since then they have crazy feedback from people with two left hands who can´t solder the pieces together themselves so they decided to make a certain amount of boards and sell them via Tinkersoup. The price is very reasonable even with the arduino together!

Their revised hack is not only usable on the kh 910 but also on the models KH930/940.  When you purchase the board you need to choose your model number and buy the recommended arduino uno with it.  Should one model be sold out please contact AYAB!


Tinkersoup AYAB Shield

The software was a little hard to install if you were not used to using programs (like me) such as avrdude etc and ayab started a development for a GUI software with guatemalan student Sebastian Oliva with the support of google summer of code. Here are his weekly updates.

Currently the software is in beta mode, so mistakes and bugs are certain to happen, and this is where your help is needed in reporting bugs to the makers!

The software is contructed in such a way that it will be able to support knitting machines other than brother that have been hacked.  If you have hacked a machine please contact AYAB for that!

The software is currently only available for windows and linux but I think there will be an apple version available some time.

AYAB Software Download

So for those of us who have other models: Don´t dispair!

The hack will fit other models but we need them to be tested.  I have noticed that there are 2 types of machine with pattern transfer and varying memory capapacities that will work (theoretically) with the hack:

Line A) Models with scanner KH 910 and KH 950 will work with KH 910 hack (plug array and plug size are the same)

Line B) Models with different memory capacities such as all other models should be controlable with the KH 930 Hack such as KH 900, 940, 950, 965, maybe 970 and the brother CK 35. Some of the machines in the last group have different plug sizes so that you need to make your own adapters (more on that topic at a later point).

So all ye knitting enthusiasts go forth, hack and knit!

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One thought on “AYAB Brother Knitting Machine Hack

  1. I need ayab for Brother ck 35 knitting machine, when it will be posible to buy it?
    With best regards


    Posted by Nina | 8. August 2015, 08:10

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