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Weddinger Wundertüte 5-7th Sep 2014

Weddinger Wundertüte is an event to promote businesses, designer and interesting locations in this part of Berlin called Wedding.

We took part in it by opening, showing our previous work and selling some of it. We had a live demo of the hacked knitting machine and got great feedback.

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It was so warm (even summerly) that we spent the first evening on the porch.  Jessie making pompoms and wearing her designed T-Shirt.


Second day we had a lot more visitors  and Saskia Göldner from Artschool Weißensee came to demo the knitting machine and answer questions.

ww6ww7 ww8

ww9 ww10

Catch them young! This little boy was very excited about knitting and knitted a small scarf for his grandmother who´s birthday was coming up.


Knitting small giveaway for the bag of wonders the visitors could collect. I made a slipon sock for smartphones and small nothings in pink to pin to your clothes.


Happy visitors unpacking their Wundertüte/bag of wonders.


I opened all my storage boxes for sale and realized how much I still have!

ww13ww14ww17 ww15

Sunday Lisa Lang came to visit and was so excited about my knitwear she purchased a dress and commissioned a second that will be fitted with el wire or fibre optics effects (still working on the details. more later).  Lisa got pompomed by Jesse!

ww18ww20 ww21

Open studio, crazy chaos included!


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