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#WEKNIT4U Campaign Nomination – Crowd for Berlin TECH



The Etib campaign #WEKNIT4U is being nominated for (taking place the first time ever!) Berlin Crowdfunding Prize called Crowd for Berlin TECH by @ZukunftBerlin. Prizes for 1st place is € 5000,-, 2nd is €3000,- and 3rd will be € 2000,- and including advisory services.  Together with 19 others we will be portrayed on the official page and the voting will begin on the 1st of November which means you get to decide who deserves the prizes!

For that to happen though I still need to fullfill one crucial qualification and that is a fully financed campaign.

So please donate (small amounts do matter!) and spread word of my campaign and the wonderful campaign perks: custom made knits with your design.


Imagine your loved one´s knitted portrait (that includes pets as well) hanging on your wall!

Or suprise them for Christmas!

col chart no

Follow us on twitter @ETIBerlin

YAY for Etib!


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