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ETIB @ Berlin Wearable Technology Meetup

Berlin Wearable Technology Meetup

Thomas from Trafopop who organized the Wear It Berlin Fesival invited lots of people to a meetup that will take place once a month at the Fablab Berlin.

I went to the first meetup on the 4th of November and brought Kristine my new artist in residence and two friends with me. It was nice to see some people from the festival again and new faces.


Wolf in the middle is the founder of the Fablab Berlin and allowde us to use the lab to meetup. Felt kind of cool be surrounded by lasercutters, cnc mills and 3D Printers

fab3  fab4

fab14 fab13fab8

Hannah Perner-Wilson talking about trafopop jackets and new ways to control the lighting.



3D printed basket in bronze 

fab9 fab10

Lisa and Cara from Elektro Couture



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