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ETIB @ Twilio Christmas Party

The Steampunk Winter Fairytale Party by Twilio took place on the 10th of dec at Le Labo in Berlin and ETIB gave guests the opportunity to play on the hacked knitting machine!

It was a fun night, with music, dancing, drink and food entertained by live performances like burlesque, acrobatics, robots and also interactive walls, personal photo booth and live knitting!

There were searchlights displaying the twilio logo onto the facade!

Need proof see below and here some of the crazier shit…

Thanks to Lisa Lang for organising this and taking care of all the guests until 6 am in the morning!

twip3 All setup and decorated: CK 35 & Image Converter by So Kanno

twip4twip1twip5 twip6twip7twip10

Wall hanging by etib and lots of happy people with their knitted pieces!


Twilio Berlin Team having a great time! Scarves made by etib!


Showing Twilio Berlin boss how it´s done and Lisa Lang explaining

twip11 searchlights!


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