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Fashion Tech Berlin 2015

Fashion Tech Berlin took place on the 20th January 2015 and was the first of it´s kind in Berlin. It´s was running parallel to the fashion week and acutally next doors so it made a good mix of tech and fashion.

We brought our punchcard machine and made people knit! Later on there was also a speech about Etib.  Of course everyone was asking “What has that got to do with wearable tech?” and “What´s your product?”

A LOT. NO WE DON´T HAVE A PRODUCT:  Wearable Tech still has to do with old fashioned production methods and I see Etib more as a palce that invests in people to help them make wearable tech. Also by controlling old fashioned machines for example we are giving people the means to do their own tech at home. Everyone can be an inventor and innovator!

And besides: KNITTING IS FUN!

FTB is listing their videos of the speeches given here.


ETIB setup with the KH 820


Area setup and stall neighbours

ftb05ftb08  ftb10ftb11ftb12ftb13ftb09ftb18

Thomas Gnahm of Trafopop with his funky biker jackets and his famous eon biathlon jacket. Video here!


Mood picture, selfie and Serge the photographer with whom I am working an a secret, secret project…


It took place in the Arena Glashaus that comes with a view and occasional visits of the admin spider…


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