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Sam Meech & ETIB Machines @ Transmediale 2015

The Transmediale took place on from the 28th Jan till 1st of Feb and exhibited actual physical objects as well that were in connecting of work and art.

Samm Meech exhibited his punchcard economy and gave workshops for people who logged their work play time online in advance. They knitted their patterns on those days.  ETIB loaned him the machines and help setup everything.

A lot of people came and were very interested in the knitting but unfortunately too many and for safety reasons I had to take down the machines a day early.

But hey maybe next year we get a “safer” spot and can offer more workshop slots…


All set up & ready to knit.


Punchcard economy banner

tm04tm06 tm07tm09

Giant wall banner!


Sams famous hourse knit with which he made his video

tm13tm14 tm15tm16 tm17tm18

Haus der Kulturen der Welt/House of World Cultures aka Pregnant Oyster & Belltower (everyday at noon it plays all kinds of beautiful tunes!)


Open studio evening: Sam came after the workshops and played on the machine. We had quite a few interested and interesting people over who were interested in production and offered electronic advice for future projects.


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