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Student Projects @ ETIB – Rute Chaves

Rute is a student at Weißensee and wanted to knit out photos on the knitting machine. Her idea is to hook up the knittng machine to a photobooth and knit out photostrips with 4 Portraits.

This is her first time at the knitting machine and it turned out quite well as you can see.

She will continue to work on her idea but it won´t be ready on time for the Weissensee Art School Open Days on the 18+19th of July.  But if you are in Berlin and want to see some great student work have a look.  The Students are happy to talk about their work und you´ll get inspired.

Rute 2Rute 1  Rute 3RuteRute 4 Rute 5Rute 8Rute 9Rute 7Rute 6Rute 10Rute Chaves Danke ETib

Rute send me this thank you pic afterwards.


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