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ETIB @ FabLab Berlin – Kicking off the season with workshops

In collaboration with FabLab Berlin ETIB will be giving workshops on a range of topics that we will be developing as we go along.

Our main goal is to bring hacked machine knitting closer to people using the AYAB hack, teach easy ways to make all things textile the way you want and combine crafts/textiles with electronics as well combining this will the facilities that FabLab have to offer (3D printing and lasercutting, anyone?).  We will also be offering workshops on punchcard machines and using FabLabs facilities to lasercut punchcards, print spare parts, make useful tools and of course make the AYAB Hack for your machine!

If you have requests please mail us, it will help up develop workshops you and others will want to take part in.

In depth machine knitting courses and project work are available at ETIB and of course workshops for professionals with extra studio time.

We are very open to partnering in projects and test new materials!

Starting the season at FabLab we are offering a closeup demo on a KH 910 Brother knitting machine with the AYAB hack on the 31st of July and an open demo + Q&A afterwards.

You can also book us as tutors for specific problems or projects at FabLab as well as an introduction to machine knitting to work on your own there.

We will be advertising all workshops and courses via eventbrite, FabLab, our Blog, twitter and Experitus  etc, etc…

What´ya waitin for?

Come on over, have fun, learn something!

ayab brother


2 thoughts on “ETIB @ FabLab Berlin – Kicking off the season with workshops

  1. When are you doing another one? I tried to register for the one on July 30th and it’s already full 😦 I’m super super interested!!!

    Posted by Gabriela | 24. July 2015, 17:23

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