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Workshops in August: Machine Knitting

fblb demo3

Starting the machine knitting workshops in August I will continue to offer basic workshops at ETIB and FabLab.

You can learn machine knitting without prior knowledge or freshen up you skills.  Of course you can book in depth workshops or studio time to work on your projects or just to experiment.

Fridays will be at FabLab where you´ll not only work on the hacked knitting machine but also see all the wonderful playtoys ahem Machines that FabLab has to offer.  After 7pm I will be there if you want to know more about machines.

Thursdays and Saturdays I´ll offer workshops at ETIB which will give you opportunity to see the space and several machines to choose from.  I alos have a double be and can offer you more knitting techniques and a wider range of knitting yarn.

You can book a slot at Eventbrite, Experitus or just mail me:


If you are interested in purchasing a machine or the AYAB hack, mail me or come by on fridays at 7pm.


Pics from the free introduction to the hacked knitting machine last fr 7th Aug.

fblb demo2


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