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EL Wire & Knitwear – A Collaboration

It was a cold and dark night and all I needed was a scarf that would light the way…

This was a fun project that I did for Lisa Lang from ElektroCouture last december when working with EL wire and knitwear to make a wearable product for purchase.

The basic idea was to make a wearable tron scarf. We used standard scarves & I sewed on the el wire (very carefully) with transparent thread.  The flow of the knitwear wasn´t restricted by the el wire as it is quite flexible and the battery with inverter didn´t take up a lot of space or was too heavy. Lisa had them specifically made to be small and light and with an on/off as well as blink button.

It was fun to work on and I made quite a few prototypes until we had a great product that was easily produceable. Using EL Wire also paved the way for new designs in scarves and clothes.

Below you can see some of my (artsy…) pics.

Tron Theme


Light and movements


Tron theme design is very visible when half wrapped


In detail: glowing EL Wire and battery & inverter (yes they are that small!)


Just some fun with long exposure and movements…

C3  At almost 3 m length it´s the right thing to snuggle into when cold


Half wrap and full wrap still leaves enough of the EL Wire

C1  The El Wire is hardly visible when turned off


It´s all in the details: El Wire & corner and the hidden battery & inverter


Extreme closeup EL Wire

Some fun with early prototypes…

proto tronproto tron 2

half dark in wintertime and full dark/light & movement


One thought on “EL Wire & Knitwear – A Collaboration

  1. Hi Victoria! Your scarves are beautiful, and I love how the power source was seamlessly integrated into it. I was wondering how big the battery system is and if it’s flexible? Thank you!

    Posted by Stephanie | 25. October 2016, 22:58

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