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Open House with AYAB – Sat 07.11.2015 – 3-6pm

KH 900 hack

AYAB Chris and Andz are in town and will be tinkering a bit at ETIBerlin, so we decided to open house.  Check out the hack/shield for the brother computer machines and the AYAB GUI and learn a bit about machine knitting.

Come over, ask questions and try out machines.  What more do you want…

Sat 07.11.2015

3 – 6pm

Koloniestr. 10, 13357 Berlin

U8/9 Osloerstr

More infos on events, machines and knitting on site!




2 thoughts on “Open House with AYAB – Sat 07.11.2015 – 3-6pm

  1. Great work …keep going …my name is ahmed and im really interested about what you are doing …also i have dome great ideas about smart textile machines..so im looking for contact with you …

    Thank you

    Posted by Ahmef | 2. May 2016, 08:41

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