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Total #machineknitting #geekout with @AYABApparat! The latest news on the brother hack!

ayab 071115 dayab 071115 b

Today Chris and Andz came to ETIBerlin to test a few different brother knitting machines models (thanks Kristine for loaning the KH 965!) and talk about exciting new developments (some of which I can´t mention yet…).

It was a total geekout, so much fun and very informative!

ayab 071115 aayab 071115 cayab 071115 e

AYAB and ETIBerlin can now confirm, that following Brother models work with the AYAB shield/hack:

KH 900 (plug needle pitch is 2,0, so you´ll need plug adapters…(we´re working on that!))

KH 910 , choose KH 910 version (duh!)

KH 930, choose KH 930 version (duh!)

KH 940, choose KH 930 version

KH 950 & kH 950i, choose KH 910 version

KH 965, choose KH 930 version (but some plugs have 2.0 needle pitch and need adapters…)

CK 35, choose KH 930 version (all plugs have needle pitch of 2.0, need adapters…)

I wish we could test a KH 270 but currently know no one who has one. If you have one or know someone who does please mail us! Also there seems to be a Topical/Brother Model out there with the model no of KH 920. We need you too!

Also if you have a Jones, Knitking/Compuknit, Defendi, Topical or Electroknit knitting machine with the above mentioned model numbers the AYAB shield should also work on them because they are actually brother machines but marketed under a different name in other countries. (Not sure if the same built machines made by Creative or KaRo offer computer knitting machines but if they do it should work…) (there are a lot of punchcard machines around with names such as Palié, K, Punch, Nana, Sister/Taitexma etc out there, but currently don´t know if they made it to the computer “phase” yet…)

Now that all hacks are working on my machines I can at last help to improve the AYAB GUI and kick out the kinks.  It probably would be a good idea to also write instructions especially when hitting on a problem.

ayab 071115 hayab 071115 f

I am especially happy about the new version of the shild that will have an extra plug to attach something like a motor or a tensioner (for long knits) and in my case to attach the sensors, motor and colour changer of the CK 35!  They borrowed all those parts from me and we´ll see how it develops.

I am sensing some crazy knit projects once the ck 35 is hacked. Watch out!

ayab 071115 iayab 071115 j

It was so nice that Nynne and Susanne came over to see the studio. Both took part in the basic machine knitting workshop at FabLab Berlin and hopefully will be helping in further developing the GUI and other projects…

ayab 071115 g

@Naehbiene hangs out with @AYABApparat but to this day hasn´t knitted on a machine so I sat her down and gave her a crashcourse on my very first knitting machine. Also discovered that I had neglected my dear old KH 820 and gave it an extra dose of oil!

ayab 071115 kayab 071115 l

Andz tries out the new technique of using the L+MC button on the KH 930 carriage which diminishes floats by knitting both colours partially so oyu can then cut the floats afterwards. See pic for diffirence in floats: fairisle floats bottom, L floats top.

Motif space invaders! Neon Pink and Purple! And blue Lurex!


5 thoughts on “Total #machineknitting #geekout with @AYABApparat! The latest news on the brother hack!

  1. Hi, we got a kh270 ( actually we have 2… will pick the 2nd one up next week) and we’d be very interested to help out. We hacked our kh910 with ayab and have just explored option to connect the kh270 to a computer. My partner Hamish tried it via a ppd/ cartridge transfer which did not work but it’s been his 1st try so he hasn’t given up:)

    We are in New Zealand aber ich bin deutsch:) also können wir auch auf deutsch schreiben, was immer einfacher ist. Vg aus Nelson


    Posted by Helke | 16. November 2015, 12:03
    • Try changing the board of the kh 965i, you could connect and move the needles. but apparently the microcontrollers do not select the needles as they should be in the KH270 machine … you can try.

      Posted by Rubens | 3. November 2017, 00:20
  2. Hello, please help me find a way to use this on my brother knitting machines. I have several 940’s, a 910 upgraded to 950, and a 930. . . I’ve already crashed one late model MacBook Pro trying to figure this out…

    Posted by bamundy | 24. November 2015, 08:10
  3. I have a brother 910 knitting machine, bought in germany and live now in Canada. I haven’t used it for some time and right now it would not turn on. You know how to fix it?

    Thanks, Ursula

    Posted by Ursula | 29. November 2015, 14:15
  4. Very interesting. I have a brother 965. Where can I find information about hack for this type of machine?

    Posted by Tamara | 7. February 2019, 17:45

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