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V4 (aka VVVV) Software + AYAB Hack + Juliane´s App

Alternative software to using the knitting machine with the AYAB Hack and an App written by Juliane Götz

Juliane is a designer who is currently working in a collective and using VVVV software.

She developed the app for an event to use the knitting machine and feeding it with information obtained via sensors and cameras.

Once you learn this software you are able to add more functions and essentialy add new input such as webcams, microphoes or other gathered information to send as data to the knitting machine.

Wether it is a static information like an image or a live data transmittion row by row or even needle by needle.

You can read more about Juliane´s event and download the software an app here: VVVVKnit

The nice thing about this app is that you can also see the communication between the software and the machine, rearrange the setup to your liking and add your own apps.

Below Juliane at ETIB showing me the software and further below the software & my visit to her studio.

V4 2V4 3V4

At her studio:



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