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ETIB @ Technikmuseum Berlin

Good news everyone!

I have been a fan of the Technikmuseum/Museum of Technology Berlin since my childhood and on a hunch wrote to them about a machine they had and looked similiar to mine, a manual industrial knitting machine  made by Universal Germany.

We got talking and I offered them a tour of ETIB and told them about the hacked knitting machine. So one thing led to another and now I am part of the school holiday program which introduces kids to crafts and machines. YAY!

Also they will purchase a machine with the AYAB Hack from me and maybe, maybe it will become a thing to demonstrate the machine during opening hours.

Another project I want to start with this sale is to redesign all plastic parts and 3d print them in different colours. All data will be published online for everyone to share and improve.

If you are in Berlin, go visit them!

Some pics form the textile area of the museum:


Basice Loom for weaving textiles


Model to demonstrate weaving (by the push of a button!)


Embroidery yarn twister


Circular knitting machine producing pan scrubbers


Pan scrubber samples made of platic and metal


Closeup circular knitting machine


Small vintage knitting machine called the Lamb knitting machine


Closeup needlebed


Sideview of machine and carriage


Metal mesh weaving loom


Metal woven mesh


Darn, look at the machine! cast iron gallore!


The painty textile products coming from textile machines…

There are more machines there such as an emboridery machine with 3 heads that works with punchcards!! (Why did I forget to take a pic?Idiot!)

Also tons of other interesting machines like actual airplanes!! A splendid tour of human inventiveness!



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