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Alisa Goikhman: The Conceptual Interface Metaphor

Alisa Goikhman was studying at the UdK Berlin working on her masters degree when she resided as artist in January at ETIB to complete the textile component of her work.

Congrats on your completion, Alisa!

An excerpt of her description:

Today, more and more scholars are proposing to introduce cognitive principles into the structure of lexicons. The idea that lexicons should mirror the way language is organized in our brains seems like the most logical conclusion to the scientific evidence that our language reflects our cognitive processes. From a designers point of view, the fact that interfaces and language are metaphorical by nature and both reflect the structure of our cognition makes IxD the perfect medium for bringing cognitive research into lexicography. In this project I examine the way we think about language so as to deduce how we should interact with it. I base my work on the Conceptual Metaphor Theory which claims that the words we use on a specific topic reflect our understanding of it, namely that abstract ideas are always spoken about in terms of concrete entities from our physical surroundings.

Below some pictures of her knitted work and her video!





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