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Technikmuseum Berlin: Workshop by ETIB

In collaboration with the Technikmuseum Rute Chaves and I offered a Workshop for kids in the middle of the textile machine exhibition on the 27th of July.

Having recently sold a hacked machine to the museum (more info in later post) I helped kids knit out the motifs of their choice (cats, dinos, tapirs, sugar skull etc) and Rute offered her “Tricotautomat” of knitting your own portrait.

I hope we can repeat this next year, it was so much fun (having grown up in Berlin, the Technikmuseum was certainly my favourite) and the kids were certainly mesmerized and happy to take home the knitwear squares.

The setup

dtm vp rc10dtm vp rc7dtm vp rc8dtm vp rc9

and go!

Some kids were very taken by the knitting that they didnt say much and fully concentrated on the knitting (while I pushed the carriage they were holding onto).

The girl with the pink & white kitten was totally mesmerized by my hair (green, blue, violet, see below).

We knitted a lot of cats, tapirs, pandas and dinos…I guess it´s a thing…   😉

Hiding behind her own knitted portrait in the blue dress was Nora the one who made everything happen at Deutsche Technikmuseum Berlin.

YAY, Nora, extra applause for you!

Obligatory selfie afterwards…

dtm vp rc4



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