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Students @ ETIBerlin

As part of an unofficial partnership with the Art School Weißensee several students had the opportunity to work with the knitting machines for their foundation course in May and had a lot of fun. Some came back a second time to make several pieces.

studi 16 1studi 16 4

Mariko was knitting with cotton and monofilament

Pamina grew her own mold with yoghurt on a glas pane to then photograph it and mirror it to create her unique pattern. She wanted to knit a carpet, a carpet of mold…

studi 16 2studi 16 3studi 16 5studi 16 6Pamina´s first samplestudi 16 9Pamina´s second carpetstudi 16 12studi 16 11

I really love the floats on this one…

studi 16 7studi 16 10studi 16 8

We chose 2 different colours for each yarn position (in the sinker plate position A+B) to give the impression of more than 2 colours being used, pariticularily the velevety rose contributes to the idea of mold…

studi 16 13

Lisa was fascinated with optical illusions…choosing red and turquoise was a eye popping!studi 16 14

More pics ain the next post about the “Rundgang” of the Art School Weißensee (open house days)…


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