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ETIB @MakerFaireBER 2016 #mfb16

The MakerFaire Berlin took place on the 1st and 2nd of October and ETIB was part of the FabLab stand. The 30.9. was for school kids only and we were so busy I didn´t take fotos.

Tricotautomat/Rute Chaves and I offered our Miniworkshops and I presented a knitmural wkth sponsored wool from Schoellerwool (unfortunately I didnt get finished…so pictures of complete mural will follow)

Our Miniworkshops were swamped with participants and onlookers, so much that some of my friends couldnt get through (  😦 Sorry Imelda! ) but all had a lot of fun and got to take their knitwear home, yay!

First day

The knitted mural had great colour and texture but you could only guess the motif from afar

(btw cat with lazereyes…)

And yes that is a “Maker of Merrit” ribbon!

Here are some projects developed at FabLab Berlin and also the GIG makerspace as recurring guest with international workshop hosts from Afrika, Iran and Nepal…

Lasercut objects by Eitan

2nd Day Happy knitters gallore!

Unfortunately Rute was sick but Jack Randol jumped in and did a really good job. Hope to see him more often with our miniworkshops!

Yesssss, you also see more ribbons! We got 3 “Maker of Merrit” ribbons altogether!

It was a great event and next time we´ll go even bigger! 😀


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