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Library Luisenbad Workshop 19.11.2016


On sat we gave our Mini workshops in the Library am Luisenbad (it used to be a 19th century spa for all people) that is just around the corner from our studio.

Rute and I setup directly in the library between the books and knitted our own signs to guide people to us:


We were eagerly awaited by this lady who had studied design in Brazil and came to germany to study industrial design. She rarely has oppertunity to do crafts and thus very enthusiastic about learning it.


The library is spacious and has a lot of natural but was build underground in the old buildung of the old spa first named Marienbad and later named after the Queen Luise.


Gesundbrunnen where the library is situated has a strong mix of all cultures and stacks a lot of foreign language books as well as offering german language learning and help doing homework.


We heard a lot of sad stories from refugees and hope that we brightened their day little with our workshop.  I heard that Gesundbrunnen and Wedding had taken in the most refugees in Berlin and you hardly noticed it with all the cultures mixing here. In comparison to other parts of town there was no noticeable change or rise im crime or unhappiness expressed by people and refugees.


This little girl and her father came to the library almost everyday because they had nothing else to do in winter and only the library offered a public space that is dedicated to learning and to consumerism. The workshop made us realize that there is a shortage of these kind of spaces for people with time and few things to do.


At first a shy glance but later on the boy knitted his piece on the knitting machine.

A rewarding day and hopefully to be repeated.




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