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Weddinger Wundertüte 5-7th Sep 2014

Weddinger Wundertüte is an event to promote businesses, designer and interesting locations in this part of Berlin called Wedding. We took part in it by opening, showing our previous work and selling some of it. We had a live demo of the hacked knitting machine and got great feedback. It was so warm (even summerly) … Continue reading

AYAB Brother Knitting Machine Hack

AYAB – All Yarns Are Beautiful Chris and Andz the AYAB team have developed a knitting machine hack for the brother range and published it quite a while ago as open source and open hardware. Since then they have crazy feedback from people with two left hands who can´t solder the pieces together themselves so … Continue reading

Artist in Residence: Jessie English

Jessie joined ETIB as artist in residence in july and graduated from Pratt Institute School of Art and Design in New York a month earlier. She is currently exploring the hacked knitting machines as well as the punchcard and the chunky machine and building up to her own swatch book. Her next step will be … Continue reading

Student Projects @ ETIB

The students from Weißensee Art School came to visit Etib to test out our hack on their kH 900 brother knitting machine which worked fine. Their course was focused on the program called processing that lets you do all kinds of things see here and use a hack to transfer patterns to knitting machines! Here … Continue reading

What So Kanno does…

…when he´s not busy hacking the brother ck 35, is touring the world with his other projects like: The Senseless Drawing Bot He flew over to Boston to exhibit at HOW Design Live: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/74927/149480/?& And in Moscow at the Balrobotov: http://balrobotov.ru/eng/ More from So Kanno here http://kanno.so/senseless-drawing-bot/ Robots rule!  

Hack Project: Prof Goutrié & Students @ ETIB 08.05.2014

Professor Christina Goutrié from Art School of Weißensee Berlin teaches a foundation course in digtial media and came to visit ETIB with her students and brought their Brother KH 900 with them on the 08th of May.  15 Students, 2 teachers, 1 product designer, So Kanno, me and all the knitting machines: Full House! The … Continue reading

1st Day of #KHC14 Fotos 31.03.2014 Steve Conklin, Susan Spencer, Patricia Ricci

Steve Conklin´s workshop Talking shop and stuff Geek off over the brother ck 35 motor Knitting with broom sticks: Comfy Cushion! Particia Ricci: Printing and Sewing Our new ETIB Sign

vlp designs @ Knit/Hack/Craft Exhibition

vlp designs will be exhibiting knit samples with metal and embroidery pieces from the unfinished patchwork quilt. You will also be able to see many knitwear pieces showing examples of different machine pattern techniques such as tuck stitch, knitweave etc including the machines they were made on. vlp designs redpinkgreen vlp designs is Victoria Pawlik … Continue reading

Space available @ ETIBerlin

Space available at ETIB! You are in Berlin or coming to Berlin and need a space to work from? Whether you are looking for a place to occasionally work from, a permanent desk or free space for projects, we are a workspace with a creative and personal atmosphere. You have seen the exciting things we do here at ETIB … Continue reading

Nora Peters @ Knit/Hack/Craft Exhibtion

Nora Peters is a knitwear and communications designers who likes to make knit grafittis. Her series is called MYTHAGORIE and contains messages and greetings from friend to friend.  It´s a way of personalising the public space. Nora Peters Strickfittis Nora Peters ist Strick- und Kommunikationsdesigner, die Strickgrafittis genannt Strickfitis macht. Ihre Serie heißt MYTHAGORIE und enthält Botschaften und … Continue reading