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EL Wire & Knitwear – A Collaboration

It was a cold and dark night and all I needed was a scarf that would light the way… This was a fun project that I did for Lisa Lang from ElektroCouture last december when working with EL wire and knitwear to make a wearable product for purchase. The basic idea was to make a … Continue reading

ETIB @ FabLab Berlin – Kicking off the season with workshops

In collaboration with FabLab Berlin ETIB will be giving workshops on a range of topics that we will be developing as we go along. Our main goal is to bring hacked machine knitting closer to people using the AYAB hack, teach easy ways to make all things textile the way you want and combine crafts/textiles … Continue reading

New Members Welcome! Apply Now!

Become a member and work at ETIB! If you are looking for a workspace in Berlin for longer and want a personal atmosphere then check us out in Wedding/North-Mitte. We are a quiet, clean, non smoking workspace looking for new members. Our areas of work are textile and electronic based but new areas are welcome. … Continue reading

Basic Machine Knitting Workshop Sa 22.06.2013

Workshop Basic Machine Knitting Sa 22.06.13 Tutor: Victoria Pawlik, Knitwear Designer In this workshop I will be teaching different knitting techniques, repairing mistakes, different hems, casting on & off and you will be able to knit your own samples to take home. Planned are 3 hrs for the workshop and afterwards you have time to … Continue reading

Knitweave Exhibit & Workshops @ http://fbz.io/technicaltextiles/

Knitweave Exhibit & Introduction to Knitweave and Manipulating Knitting Knitwear Sale 11-13 April 2013 During the 3 days of Technical textiles I will be exhibiting many of samples, ready to wear pieces for sale in my shop and from my masters diploma “Welcome to Mongolia”. Feel free to browse and touch (clean hands please!). I´ll … Continue reading