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K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Katharina Krenkel #khc14


Katharina Krenkel @ Knit/Hack/Craft Exhibition

Katharina Krenkel is a german artists specialising in crochet sculptures that are not only decorative as in her latest exhibit in the botanical gardens of Berlin but also controversial such as her crochet potholders in the shape of breasts. I am really happy to show her work during the exhibition where we will also have … Continue reading

Daina Taimina @ Knit/Hack/Craft Exhibition

Inspiration by nature and expression through mathematics leads to beautiful things!  Add a dash of colour and you get works by Daina Taimina. Crocheting hyperbolics planes is her passion and makes nature even more faszinating. Don´t miss the opportunity to see her work in person! Daina Taimina Hyperbolic Crochet ———— Inspiration aus der Natur und … Continue reading