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K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Jeff Donaldson/Glitchaus #khc14

Software Algorhythms by fbz @ K/H/C 14: Fotos Video #khc14

   AND the VIDEO!

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: fbz #khc14

fbz exhibits 2 signature scarves (middle & right) both knitted on the kh 930

EmbroiderModder @ K/H/C 14: Skype with Jonathan

EmbroiderModder is an open source embroidery program.

bitcraftlab: generative crowd crafting @ K/H/C 04.04.2014: Video #khc14

The video starts in german and changes to english at 9 min 40 sec.

bitcraftlab @ K/H/C 04.04.2014: Fotos #khc14

Workshop – Generative Crowd Crafting with bitcraftlab 04.04.2014 @ etib

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Nora Peters/Strickfittis

Nora Peters is personalizing the public space with knitted personal messages to loved ones, hung up on posts & poles in the neighbourhood and using old traditional symbols to create a visual impact.  Clover for luck and the peacock for beauty.   

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Katharina Krenkel #khc14


K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Varvara & Mar #khc14

  Neuroknits by Varvara & Mar By recording brainwaves unique pattern the scarves are personalised pieces.  

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Claire Williams #khc14

Glitch Knit & Glitch Dyed Yarn by Claire Williams   Right is the glitch piece where the yarn has been partially dyed to create a glitched look.