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Expert Summit Invitation 30.01.2015

Invitation to the ETIB Expert Summit 2015 January Meetup & Tour of Etib Whether you already are expert in your field or just curious you are invited to come over talk, drink tea (20 different kinds in store!) and look at our machines. If you are visiting the Transmediale, Etib is loaning out a few … Continue reading

vlp designs @ Knit/Hack/Craft Exhibition

vlp designs will be exhibiting knit samples with metal and embroidery pieces from the unfinished patchwork quilt. You will also be able to see many knitwear pieces showing examples of different machine pattern techniques such as tuck stitch, knitweave etc including the machines they were made on. vlp designs redpinkgreen vlp designs is Victoria Pawlik … Continue reading

Jack´s First Project Completed

In december Jack completed the knitting machine crash course and really enjoyed it especially the knitweave technique. Now he came back to do a whole project on his own… Et voíla! So cool, the colours and the design!  The threads need to tucked in but even so: it rocks!  (Jack looks a little tired, he … Continue reading

YAY! Yarn Sponsoring by Schoeller Wool

We are being sponsored by Schoeller Wool for our next exhibition with two big boxes of wool yarns. In 2009 I entered a competition that was also sponsored by Schoeller Wool and I made the Mermaid dress: If you want to see more of these, please look at my blog vlp designs . Enjoy!

Welcome Visitor Brigitte!

On tuesday Brigitte and her partner visited us to talk about knitting machines. She is from New York and owns many knitting machines and a gazillion print media on knitting. Her knowledge and experience with knitting mahcines was dizzying and we talked more than 2 hours straight (making me forget to take pictures!).  I can´t … Continue reading

Artist in Residence: Welcome Calvin!

Calvin contacted ETIB a while ago asking about machine knitting  workshops and meeting creative people in general as he was going to come to Berlin for a few months. He´s from Minnesota, studied printmaking and art and has been dancing since childhood. And now he´s here and started by taking my machine knitting crash course. … Continue reading

Pictures from Workshop on 22.06.2013

Pictures from my workshop on sat 22.06.2013 Silly me forgot, that it was fête de la musique weekend and many students cancelled. I dont blame them it was a great sunny weekend. BUT the brave Paula who came to our technical textiles gallery in April cared not about such activities and learnt a great deal … Continue reading

Knitweave Exhibit & Workshops @ http://fbz.io/technicaltextiles/

Knitweave Exhibit & Introduction to Knitweave and Manipulating Knitting Knitwear Sale 11-13 April 2013 During the 3 days of Technical textiles I will be exhibiting many of samples, ready to wear pieces for sale in my shop and from my masters diploma “Welcome to Mongolia”. Feel free to browse and touch (clean hands please!). I´ll … Continue reading

technical textiles

We are happy to announce that Fabienne´s technical textiles art show and event is taking place at eti. Please have a look at Fabiennes page http://fbz.io/technicaltextiles/ Artists: Veronika Persché http://www.persche.com/ Martin Schneider (bitcraft lab) http://www.k2g2.org/blog:bit.craft @bitcraftlab Varvara Guljajeva http://www.knitic.com/ http://www.varvarag.info/ @varvara_g Mar Canet http://www.knitic.com/ http://www.mcanet.info/blog/ @mcanet Victoria Pawlik http://vlp-designs.de/ Fabienne Serrière http://fabienne.us @fbz Dates: April … Continue reading