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3dk.berlin Filament Sponsoring @3dkTeam

Just in time for the Makerfaire in Berlin on the 30.09.-02.10.16 I wanted to blog about a generous sponsoring by 3dk.berlin for an open source project I will talk about in due course. Mmmmmmmmmmh, yum colours! Maybe you can guess by looking at the pics what itĀ“s going to be… šŸ˜€ Here are some of … Continue reading

Alisa Goikhman: The Conceptual Interface Metaphor

Alisa Goikhman was studying at the UdK Berlin working on her masters degree when she resided as artist in January at ETIB to complete the textile component of her work. Congrats on your completion, Alisa! An excerpt of her description: Today, more and more scholars are proposing to introduce cognitive principles into the structure of … Continue reading

Total #machineknitting #geekout with @AYABApparat! The latest news on the brother hack!

Today Chris and Andz came to ETIBerlin to test a few different brother knitting machines models (thanks Kristine for loaning the KH 965!) and talk about exciting new developments (some of which I canĀ“t mention yet…). It was a total geekout, so much fun and very informative! AYAB and ETIBerlin can now confirm, that following … Continue reading

ETIBerlin joins @FabLab at @MakerfaireBER

Etib will be part of FabLabĀ“s stall at Maker Faire Berlin and IĀ“ll be showing machine knitting at 3-6pm on sat and sun. We can chat, knit and generally geek out. ThereĀ“s a ton of other great stuff to see and people to meet. Layout here. Sat 03.+ Sun 04.10.2015 Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof StraƟe der … Continue reading

Support fbzĀ“s kickstarter: Custom Mathematically Knitted Scarves!

As some of you will remember, fbz/Fabienne SerriĆ©re was a longtime artist in residence at etib and is known as a programmer and passionate knitter. She was an integral part in getting etib to where it is now and we want to support her with her new campaign: KnitYak! KnitYak fbz campaign fbz is campaigning … Continue reading

StitchĀ“nĀ“Bitch @ ETIB 29th Nov

Interested in machine knitting but donĀ“t know how to? Need an introduction? Or you have a problem with a project? Want to know more about hacked knitting machines? Want to make a Christmas present? At Etib we will show you how to work on a knitting machine, talk about what it can do and help … Continue reading

Jeff Donaldson @ Knit/Hack/Craft Exhibition

Perfection is boring, making things perfect an unreachable goal.Ā  Technology and media want us to think everything has to be perfect and itĀ“s the only way but thatĀ“s just not how it works.Ā  We are physical beings, needing to connect things and see patterns.Ā  And patterns are beautiful! Jeff Donaldson specializes in glitched images that … Continue reading

Artist in Residence: Welcome Calvin!

Calvin contacted ETIB a while ago asking about machine knittingĀ  workshops and meeting creative people in general as he was going to come to Berlin for a few months. HeĀ“s from Minnesota, studied printmaking and art and has been dancing since childhood. And now heĀ“s here and started by taking my machine knitting crash course. … Continue reading

technical textiles

We are happy to announce that FabienneĀ“s technical textiles art show and event is taking place at eti. Please have a look at Fabiennes page http://fbz.io/technicaltextiles/ Artists: Veronika PerschĆ© http://www.persche.com/ Martin Schneider (bitcraft lab) http://www.k2g2.org/blog:bit.craft @bitcraftlab Varvara Guljajeva http://www.knitic.com/ http://www.varvarag.info/ @varvara_g Mar Canet http://www.knitic.com/ http://www.mcanet.info/blog/ @mcanet Victoria Pawlik http://vlp-designs.de/ Fabienne SerriĆØre http://fabienne.us @fbz Dates: April … Continue reading